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Step by step origami

Origami is a paper art, Step by step how to make origami. It is a process made by inserting papers into various shapes and requires intelligence. Not everyone can be expected to make origami easily. How to make origami the easiest? We’ll teach you a lesson!

To start doing origami, you have to choose first. There are many varieties of origami. Below we have listed a few.

How to make Penguin origami
How to make Penguin origami
How to make whale origami
Step by step whale origami
How to make bison origami
How to make bison origami

As you can see above and there are 3 more origami. Apart from these, there are maybe hundreds, maybe thousands more models. If you want to view all of these varieties, you can go to the origami patterns category.

How to make step by step origami

Origami step 1

Step 1: Fold the paper in half and restore it. (enough to remain a trail)

Origame Step 2

Step 2: Fold the paper from either side to the inside. Let be parallel with the lines.

Step 3: Fold the top of the paper inward, as shown in the picture.

Origami Step 4

Step 4: Try to look like the shape in the picture by opening the bottom of the paper outward.

Origame Step 5

Step 5: Curl up the striped trapezoid nose and position it in the shape.

Origame Step 6

Step 6: This is the head part. Bend this outwards in a small way to expose the head.

Origami Step 7

Step 7: Now curl the beak part at the end of the head part one more time. Then curl the stern like a wavy wing.

Origami Step 8

Step 8: That was the final stage. If that’s not the case when you run out of origami, I think you’ll have to repeat all the steps.

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